Blackridge Capital Associates is a Scam

This page was created in order to possibly warn those who have been contacted by this outfit and who Google or Bing the company's name or domain name.

Have you been contacted by this organization in order to perhaps sell your shares in some company, or for some other securities transaction? If so, you should know that this organization is a scam, and is trying to steal your money.

This company claims to be based in New York City, and to be a known player in financial matters with a good reputation. A little research shows exactly the opposite, however.

Here are the red flags you should be aware of:

  • Blackridge's modus operandi is to require advance payment of a so-called "indemnity insurance bond" before the purported transaction will take place. NOTE: No legitimate stock trader will require an advance payment in order to buy a security.
  • This company claims to be "recognized" globally, but...
    • A check of the Internet's "Whois" database shows that the domain name "" was first registered on 29 May 2021.
    • A check of the Internet Archive, or "Wayback Machine" shows that the website of this outfit was first archived on 2 June 2021. It did not exist prior to that date.
  • A check of New York State's business entity database discloses the fact that this company is not licensed to do business in the State of New York, despite its claim to have offices in New York City.
  • Although this organization claims to be working in the United Kingdom, a check of recognized and licensed financial consulting firms in the UK shows that this company is not authorized to do business in the UK.
  • In one instance this organization sent a document to a potential victim, and the document claimed to have been generated by a UK broker working with this Blackridge outfit. A check with the UK broker led to the discovery that Blackridge Capital Associates is fraudulently claiming to have a business relationship with the broker. The document sent to the potential victim was not generated by the broker, and Blackridge is using the broker's trademarks fraudulently.
  • The "non-disclosure agreement" that this fake company will try to get you to sign forbids you from consulting with your attorney or solicitor for legal advice regarding the transaction they are trying to get you to complete. This is highly unethical!